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Facebook - Join our group

You should all now have had an invitation via email with regards to joining our BikeWise Mini-Bike Group which we have created on the very popular 'facebook' community.
The group has been set up as a 'Closed Group' - Administrative approval is required for new members to join. Anyone can see the group information, but only members can see the discussion board, the wall, videos, photos, and posted items.

This means that we can have a totally private online community area where, only members who are approved by ourselves can communicate about the Mini-Bike Club.
This is open to club members, their parents/grandparents etc...
It is another way for us to let you know what is happening with the club etc.
Please make the effort to join and get involved in some discussions etc

New Helmet Safety Rating Scheme Could Save 50 Lives A Year.

New Helmet Safety Rating Scheme Could Save 50 Lives A Year.

A pioneering new government motorcycle helmet safety rating scheme which could save the lives of 50 riders a year was officially launched today by Road Safety Minister Jim Fitzpatrick.
Motorcyclists account for just 1% of all road traffic, but for 20% of all those killed or seriously injured
In a world first, SHARP - the Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme - will give an independent rating of how much protection a helmet can provide in an impact. Helmets will be rated from 1 to 5 stars depending how well they perform in laboratory tests.
All helmets on sale in the UK must offer the wearer a minimum level of protection, but tests show there are real differences in safety performance. SHARP's objective advice, based on rigorous testing, will help riders choose a safer helmet by measuring the extent to which a helmet exceeds the minimum standards.
Road Safety Minister Jim Fitzpatrick said: "Our research indicates that even though all helmets have to reach a minimum legal standard, safety performance can vary by as much as 30%. The SHARP scheme being officially launched today will allow riders to select a safer helmet on the basis of a simple star rating system.
"This is a vital step forward. Motorcyclists are one of the single most vulnerable groups on GB roads today. They account for just 1% of all road traffic, but for 20% of all those killed or seriously injured. We estimate that if all riders wore helmets that scored well in our rating system, the SHARP scheme could save up to 50 lives a year."
The first SHARP ratings are expected to be available next Spring, with the majority of helmets on the market tested before the end of 2008. Early results show that good performance is not restricted to premium price helmets.
For more information about the SHARP programme visit:

Durham Advanced Motorcyclists - Chairman steps down..

Durham Advanced Motorcyclists chairman John Matthews (left) seen here being presented with a Joey Dunlop replica by the group's secretary Bill McCready at the Annual General meeting which was held at the Bowburn Hall Hotel on Tuesday 20th November.
John passed his Advanced Test on the 12th August 1998 and has worked hard for the group throughout these years, the last few as chairman.
John has handed over the 'reins' to Brian Walls who will hopefully 'drive' the group forward with continued success. (John is also actively involved in marshalling at motorcycle meetings and usually can be seen at Croft when there's a motorcycle meeting being held.)
THANKS from all of us in the motorcycle office for all your hard work over the years John - the amount of unseen work done by the committee is greatly appreciated by us and the end result of that work is that motorcyclists in Durham have the opportunity to improve their riding.
DAM was presented with a cheque on the night from Mick Alder & Alison Bonar. This has been a feature since BikeWise was founded and helps the group with it's annual running costs.

The Chain.... (New Video)

Small video compilation for you to enjoy....