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Happy New Year.....

Happy New Year to you all......
Here's wishing you a safe 2008
Hopefully there will not be as much rain as in 2007 and we'll all be out on two wheels enjoying our motorcycling.
Now is an important time to maybe do a bit of maintenance on the bike, tyres, chains, brakes etc... to be ready for that nice dry day.....
Look out for us on the roads of Durham and have a chat with us to find out what is, or 'is not' happening in the area..
Remember... If you see any of the big yellow coloured road signs - Bends Dead Ahead and Roads To Die For .... They have been put there for a reason... (With the support of Durham County Council we will hopefully extend this scheme again this coming year)
Some new things planned for this year - watch this space.... and remember two important diary dates :
Easter Egg Run - Sunday 23rd March
BikeWise 2008 - Sunday 27th July

'Safe Riding' - 'The BikeWise Team'