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BikeWise 2019

BikeWise 2019

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Next Meeting - 30th March

Hi everybody.....
Sorry it's taken a few days to send this email but it's been a bit hectic at home with my granddaughter staying..
Firstly - can I say 'THANK YOU' to everyone who attended the last meeting....
The Marshals & the start box crew.... (without your help & support we would not be able to put the event on safely)
The riders.... You're all getting smoother (and faster), Casey Stoner will be watching over his shoulder soon....
The parents / grandparents & friends who turn up and support.
You all make the event have such a nice friendly atmosphere..
John Attle for taking the photo's throughout the day..

Commiserations to 'Jenky' - hope you 'mend' quickly (We can't have you wandering around with your arm in a sling not fixing bikes !!)

A Big Thank You to Denise, Denica & Phil Lockey & Anne Barber for putting on the Easter Egg Raffle (They bought all the presents and donated all the proceeds to the club) - a total of £100.70 was raised.
Also to Lorraine & Alex Crowther who made some cakes which were on the stall (although I never had time to eat a one..)

Next BikeWise meeting is going to be held on Sunday 30th March - 1000hrs, at Black and Deckers.. I know some of the riders would love to be outdoors again, but with the weather being so unsettled we are better running indoors at the moment to guarantee the event, rather than going outdoors and having to cancel because of bad weather.
PPIK is on the same day - (although it doesn't start till about 6pm) - apologies if this causes a problem to some.

Easter Monday (24th) - Teesside autodrome 10am-4pm £15 ( - quite a few members attending (weather permitting)

See you all next Sunday - Have a great Easter