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Next Meeting - Sunday 4th May 2008

Next Meeting will be held at Black & Deckers - yes, indoor..... on Sunday 4th May, sign on 10am for a 1030 am start.

This will be our last indoor meeting as we will be going outdoor to the Carrville 'Park & Ride' after this where we can set up a decent sized track on tarmac... (I hope we have a better 'summer' than last year)

Any help would be appreciated at the end of the meeting as all the cones will need collecting in and put into vans to take back to Police HQ and then unloaded and stacked up there... ( Mick & I will still be busy at midnight if we have to do it all ourselves :-) )

Facebook members, please RSVP to the invitation to attend the event and then we know you're attending (or not) without having to ring around.

ACU licence renewals are required by some of our long standing members, please check your dates and bring forms etc with you so that we can get the renewals sorted out. If you are not licensed then you are not authorized to ride under the ACU guidelines...