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BikeWise 2008 - Thank You!

None of us can believe how popular the event has become in what must surely have been the best attended event yet!
In fact the bike park had filled up completely and the car parks at County Hall had to be brought into action to accommodate all the visitors.And what a day … it was especially satisfying to see that visitors were not simply wandering around and leaving but were actually staying for hours making a full day of it and soaking up the atmosphere. Of course no event of this type can pass off without a great deal of goodwill and generosity from a whole host of individuals, businesses and local authorities who support and in many cases sponsor the event by offering their services up without charge.Please take some time to just have a look at our sponsors in the page from the 2008 event section to give you some idea, it would be fair to say that countless others have helped us and to you all from the bike section a big thank you!The biggest thank you however, goes to those of you that visited us.Without your support the BikeWise event would never have evolved into what we had yesterday.The most important objective of the day for us though is that by encouraging riders to think about for their own riding and made drivers to more bike aware then we will have prevented future accidents and undoubtedly saved lives.
From all of the Durham Police Bike Section team - Remember… 'Wait A Second', ride safe and we'll see you at the 2009 event!