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Happy Christmas….

Bob Brown & Mick Alder from BikeWise Training  Motorcycling in the winter of 2010 Durham Police Motorcycle Section

Well it’s that time of year to wish you all a Happy Christmas……   and Best Wishes for the New Year.

A great year for motorcycling in County Durham – the year ‘started off’ with our annual Easter Egg Run followed by our 16th consecutive BikeWise Show which was held in July – both events were very well attended and ‘showcase’ what BikeWise is all about.

Sgt Iain Rodgers who leads the BikeWise team was delighted to announce that £9200 had also been donated to local charities as a result of the events

Throughout the year the BikeWise ‘team’ have met with  motorcyclists and talked about motorcycling and policing issues in our area.

Bob & Mick had another successful year  with our own BikeWise Training and many riders who have completed the days coaching have gone on to join the Durham Advanced Motorcyclists and successfully pass their IAM test.

BikeWise Mini Bike Club continues to thrive and it’s great to see the motorcyclists of the future having fun in a safe environment , whilst learning the skills that they will require on the roads in years to come. The first of the original club members are now starting to take to the roads on two and four wheels.

Sadly two motorcyclists lost their lives in Durham this year and our thoughts are with their families at this time of the year…..

2011 is just around the corner, hopefully the snow will disappear and we’ll be able to get our trusty two wheeled  ‘friends’  out from under wraps and once again start to enjoy the fun and freedom of motorcycling.

That’s the time to take a few minutes to check your bike to make sure everything is working OK and also to consider a training day to refresh your riding skills.

Two important BikeWise dates to remember are :

Sunday April 24th – BikeWise Easter Egg Run (Register online now by clicking here)

Sunday July 24th – BikeWise 2011

Hope you all have a great Christmas and look forward to keeping you informed of what’s happening in the BikeWise ‘world’ and meeting with you again in 2011.