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Report a Road Defect 2


Defect-Logoc2c2c2  Potholes and uneven road surfaces are becoming a constant hazard on the UK’s roads. Due to an increase of traffic on our roads, recent longer, harder winters and the cut backs the local councils have to take on road maintenance all have led to the deterioration of our road systems.
Potholes are caused when water penetrates tiny cracks in the road – cracks that are usually caused by traffic. When this water freezes, it expands, widening the cracks. When it melts, traffic thumps down on the space vacated by the ice and smashes new craters into the road surface.
These holes can cause axel, suspension and tyre damage to cars, but they can be lethal to a motorcyclist and cyclists. If you come across a pothole or road defect please report it to the appropriate authorities. Inform the right people:
Click here for Durham County Council
Click Here for Darlington Borough Council
Click Here for Highway Agency
The major trunk roads in the County – A1(M); A19: A66; are maintained by the Highways Agency, they can be contacted on this link