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BMW Track days 2011

Cadwell Snett 2 track days poster artwork 2011 Last years event was promoted as a track training day and was run accordingly, there were over 40 riders on a circuit for the first time and a further 20 or more new comers to Snetterton, abilities ranged from total novices to internationally experienced ex-racers, ages from 21 to 73, machines from a 250 Honda to the latest S1000RRs. With newcomers even in the experienced group, it was considered necessary to do the first session in the form of 'ducks and drakes', with the new infield section only being opened in March this year, it is likely that we will run the first session for the experienced riders this way, after all, we have to lead riders for the first 3 laps to satisfy insurance requirements.

The improver group will also do their first session 'd & d', we may take a show of hands after the midday break to assess the demand for more group training, individual training or free lapping.

Beginners will do the first 2 sessions 'd & d' in the morning and if requested by the majority of riders in the group, also the first session in the afternoon.

Instructors will be available all day to help with all aspects of track riding and to give one to one tuition.

For a newcomer to track riding the thought of another rider passing close by is worrying to say the least, it is for this reason, in the beginner group we will have overtaking on the left only, feedback from last year indicates that the inconvenience was not too important and the slower riders felt considerably safer knowing no one was about to pass going into a corner.

In the other 2 groups higher speeds were being reached and watching from the control tower, I could see problems, especially at the approach to 'Riches' (the first corner), therefore in these groups overtaking will be allowed either side. To make this safer I ask riders to be aware of what is going on around them and help to make the overtaking manoeuvre possible with minimal effort. Numbered stickers will be issued to all riders to attach to their number plates to assist in identification of anyone overtaking  too close, or riding in an inconsiderate manner.

The 2 days we are having are organised by the BMW club, our intention is to run and enjoy them in a 'club' environment. The cost is being held at £100 for each day, please come and join us, help us by entering early, our intention is to fill the day with keen road riders who enjoy a bit of track riding.

For further details / info please email contact the BMW Club Sporting Register Secretary :