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Use of Bus Lane’s in County Durham by motorcycles

Gilesgate Bank Bus Lane Sign

A number of questions have been coming into the bike office about the use of Bus Lane’s by motorcycles in our area.

Sgt Iain Rodgers, head of the motorcycle ‘team’ in Durham answers the question below :

“In terms of bus lane usage you have to be guided by the signs.

The A690 bus lane for example does NOT currently allow motorcycle usage.

However the bus lanes on Gilesgate Bank  and at Langley Moor do, this is evident by the picture of a motorcycle in the blue bus lane signage. (see picture)

The County Council policy is that over time motorcycles will be allowed to use most bus lanes however it would cost a significant amount of money to amend the bus lane orders and the associated signage in one go.

Effectively therefore the introduction of motorcycles is being staged so when a bus lane order is due to be renewed motorcycles will be allowed in the new bus lane order and the signage amended accordingly however this will be over a period of years.