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Drivers to be urged to look for bikers at junctions (again)

Click HERE to view the video Road Safety Minister Mike Penning has today launched a new campaign aimed at getting drivers to think more about riders.

The message will be pushed through advertisements at petrol forecourts and on national radio.

The Department for Transport (DfT) says action is needed because 78% of serious bike accidents involve a crash with another vehicle and 67% of those collisions are at a junction, "often with the driver of the other vehicle failing to see the motorcycle".

Penning said: "As a biker I know how much fun motorcycling can be and what a practical way it is to get around, but it is unacceptable that so many motorcyclists are dying on our roads and I want to tackle this.

"While many drivers may take extra care at junctions, they often don't see bikers and this is a major factor in motorcycle casualties. That is why our THINK! campaign aims to remind drivers to think about the biker, not just the bike, so that we see fewer of these needless accidents."

The radio adverts will run from next Monday.

A DfT spokesman said: "This campaign will put motorcyclists centre stage in a bid to encourage drivers to look out for bikers by placing the focus on the person behind the helmet.

"There will also be Facebook activity aimed at motorcyclists and online adverts reminding drivers to look out for bikers.

"THINK! will also be working with partners to raise awareness of extra training for motorcyclists and the importance of wearing appropriate safety gear when riding."

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