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Ministers to 'push back' against EU legislations

Mike Penning MPMIKE PENNING MP, Under-Secretary of State for Transport, has said that Ministers will fight against the EUs move to impose anti-biking legislations.
The EU want to introduce new technical regulations to motorcycles that could see ABS become standard on all bikes above 125cc and measures that would prevent owners from tuning their bikes.
In an interview with BMF magazine, Motorcycle Rider, Penning gave his view on some of the legislation suggestions raised by the European Parliament: "I don’t think they are hugely beneficial to any of us and I have permission from the Prime Minister to push back as strongly as possible on them.
"The European Parliament has no power to legislate and, if for some reason, legislation did come through to Ministers, we will vote against it if necessary."
Mike Penning, who is a motorcyclist himself having first started riding as an Army despatch rider and currently owns a Ducati Monster and a Royal Enfield, added: "At this time this just is a suggestion from the Commissioner. The way it works in Europe is that the bureaucrats decide the policy and then the politicians vote on it, which is exactly the opposite of what happens here. But I can assure you we will push back on it."