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Scottish Mini Moto Championship 2013

The Final round of the championship has now been run and below are the names of the winners of the respective championship classes

Junior A : 1 – Ross Maguire,  2 – Declan Connell, 3 – Adon Davie

Junior B : 1 - Rishon Hickey (BWMBC), 2 – Jack Hoy (BWMBC), 3 – James McLaren

Junior C : 1 - James Alderson (BWMBC), 2 – Andrew Thornton (BWMBC), 3 – Sam Graham

Feathers : 1 - Rishon Hickey (BWMBC), 2 - Jack Hoy (BWMBC), 3 - Ross Maguire

Lights : 1 – James Alderson (BWMBC), 2 – Lewis Rollo, 3 – Steve Paterson

Middle : 1 – Andrew Thornton (BWMBC), 2 - James Turner, 3 – Sam Munro

Heavy : 1 – Stuart Anderson, 2 – James Williamson, 3 – Gary Dick

Open : 1 – Declan McGilvery, 2 - James Alderson (BWMBC), 3 – Andrew Thornton (BWMBC),

Some fantastic results for all our BikeWise Mini Bike Club Riders, who have won five of the eight championship classes, including the BikeWise sponsored Junior B class.

Many Thanks’  to the Durham Agency Against Crime (DAAC) for their continued support, together with Alan McIntosh (Polini UK), who sponsored Round 6 of the Championship, which was held at Karting North East, our local track where most of our club members were able to participate in the championship.

Thanks also to Ron Hogg, the Durham Police and Crime Commissioner, who attended the event and showed great support and enthusiasm for the club & its riders & also to the Auto Cycle Union (ACU) who provide the framework and background support to enable us to run the club.

Final standings in the championships are shown below and it is really good to see so many names of riders from the BWMBC.

We can’t wait for the 2014 season to begin Smile

SMMC Junior A SMMC-Junior-B
SMMC Junior C SMMC Production F L
SMMC Production M H SMMC Open