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Helmsley motorcycle safety day

North Yorks 4North Yorkshire Police are holding an engagement event for motorcyclists in Helmsley this Sunday, 6th April 2014.
Police advanced motorcycle officers who operate the rider improvement scheme "Bikesafe" and representatives from the Institute of Advanced Motorists will be on hand to provide advice to riders who want to improve their skills.
All the staff attending the event are motorcycle riders or have biking experience themselves. The team will be based in the market place between 10am and 4pm.
Riders will also be able to pick up a copy of the Biker's Guide to North Yorkshire which has been produced by the "95 Alive" York and North Yorkshire Road Safety partnership and provides invaluable advice about riding in North Yorkshire, highlighting hazards and high-risk locations on the most popular riding routes.
The event will also see the North Yorkshire premier of a new film to support a campaign which highlights the risks of riding while tired and the effects of rider fatigue.
Sergeant Andy Quaye who is organising the event said: "We welcome responsible bikers to the county and recognise that the vast majority are responsible and considerate in their riding. If riders want to improve their skills, we are more than happy to speak to them about how they can do this. Having been on a Bikesafe course myself I can't emphasise enough the value of this type of post-test training.
"There is growing evidence to suggest that rider error due to fatigue-related lapses in concentration is a contributory factor in a number of bike accidents, and the results can be anything from a spoiled day, a ruined holiday to a wrecked bike or even the ultimate price itself.
"Bikers are vulnerable road users and in North Yorkshire, over the last three years around 70% of collisions where a rider has been killed or seriously injured, the rider was at fault.
"In order to reduce biker deaths and injuries we need to raise awareness of this fact and provide extensive information about how riders can improve their skills, which is what our event is all about. Anyone who is interested is more than welcome to pop along and have a chat with us about how to improve their skills."