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IAM Rider Skills Days - Croft Circuit

CroftWednesday 27th August 2014
Set in beautiful countryside a few miles south of Darlington this 2.1 mile track has some challenging corners and extensive straights which give a really broad
spectrum of experiences to help riders develop their skills.
This full day event offers sessions of circuit riding under the guidance of an experienced IAM instructor interspersed with theoretical input to help you enhance your riding. The instructor will develop your observations and your techniques of bike control so that you are able to make rapid and smooth laps of the circuit. You will
work on positioning, braking, gear choice and acceleration technique. Repeated laps of the same circuit allow you to experiment with different variations of approach, and demonstrate how critical the right choice is to making the ride feel absolutely right. It doesn’t have to be done at fearsome speeds. You can enjoy the Skills Day at your own pace and your instructor will work with you in whatever way suits you best. After booking, we shall ask to you for details of your previous experience so that we can
ensure you get instruction at a level most beneficial to you. The circuit environment allows you to experience the subtleties of your bikes handling. You are in a controlled space. The usual hazards associated with the public roads are entirely absent. The setting for Skills Day training is unique.
The experience is invaluable!

Croft is ideal for us to help you to learn so much more about your bike and yourself.
No matter what they have been riding, IAM members have enjoyed this unique experience and been surprised by what they have learnt in the just a few hours.
You should be next!
Croft has all the facilities you could ask for!
Refreshments are available throughout the day, with a free coffee or tea on arrival once you have signed in.
An IAM photographer will be present and a full set of shots is sent to every rider after the event
Guests are welcome and can enjoy the freedom of the pit lane and watch the action from the pit lane wall. Make a real day out of it!

All this for an exceptionally low cost!
IAM Rider Skills Day only £149
Booking opens on Tuesday, 24th June 2014 at 10 am
Just call IAM Support on 0208 996 9600 or 0845 126 8600 It couldn’t be easier!

The booking and payment arrangements for this event are very specific and to help us you must follow them closely. There have been
occasional difficulties with bookings for previous events when events have become oversubscribed, a situation which we wish to avoid.
1. Booking opens on Tuesday, 24th June 2014 at 10 am. No earlier bookings will be taken under any circumstances. Please be ready to call
as soon as the booking window opens as we anticipate the event will fill rapidly.
2. Payment will be due by credit or debit cards at the time of booking.
3. Detailed joining instructions will be circulated by e-mail in early
There are specific noise limits at Croft circuit which we must
adhere to.
It is a condition of entry to the event that the bike you use must be fully road legal, and capable of legally being ridden to the event on
public roads. On the day of the event the bike must be taxed,insured, and be capable of passing the MOT test, with number plates, lights and any fairings all fitted and working.
In addition to the exhaust being fully road legal, it MUST be fitted with a baffle. In the event that these restrictions are not observed,
entry to the event on the day will not be allowed.