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MCN Fantasy Road Race 2016

MCN Fantasy Road Race

MCN Fantasy Road Race game is based on the MotoGP, World Superbikes and British Superbikes 2016 seasons.

So… pick a team from the worlds racing stars, join the BikeWise league and lets have a bit of fun during 2016

Once you’ve registered and selected your team, join the BikeWise league using the Pin Number : Ducati

The competition starts with the first round of the World Superbikes on 27th February 2016 and will run through to the final race of MotoGP, World Superbikes and British Superbikes 2016 season. Points will be scored based on the real-life performances of the selected riders in your Fantasy Road Race team.

You may enter 1 (one) team per entrant. Any entrant found to have entered more than 1 team will be disqualified and removed from the game. You can join the game at any point throughout the competition. However you will not score points until your team is submitted (see 'Saving & Submitting Your Team' section, below).

Getting Started

Register to Play:
First, you'll need to register an account to play the game. Simply follow the instructions on the 'Register to Play' page, or sign up using your Facebook or Google account by clicking on the corresponding button on the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Name Your Team:
Once you have completed the 'Register to Play' page, you'll be asked to name your MCN Fantasy Road Race team team. You also need to choose whether to build the team yourself, or let the lucky dip pick a team for you. Please be responsible when naming your team and don't cause offence! Any team names that are deemed inappropriate or offensive will be disqualified and withdrawn from the game.

Join or Create a Mini-League: ( BikeWise     Password : Ducati )
By joining the game, you will automatically enter the 'Overall League' where you will compete against all other game players. However, you can also play in a mini-league where you can compete in a private group of friends or colleagues. You can create up to 3 mini-leagues and join up to 10.

Picking Your Team

Use your fantasy budget to pick a team using the real-life riders in the MotoGP, World Superbikes and British Superbikes. You can either manually pick a team using your know-how, or use the 'Lucky Dip' option, where the computer picks a team for you.
...and DON'T FORGET TO SAVE your selections! You can make as many changes to your team as you like, but you can only score points for the team that you SAVE!
In order to have a complete team you must select 6 riders from a budget of £13.5m comprising of the following:
2 x MotoGP Riders
2 x World Suberbikes Riders
2 x British Superbikes Riders

Saving & Submitting Your Team

Up until the team submission deadline of 00:00 GMT on Saturday 27th February 2016 there is afree transfer window - until this time, you can shuffle your team around to your heart's content without using any of your transfers. However, any transfers made after this time will be taken from your transfer allocation for that period.
All teams that are completed by the team submission deadline of 00:00 GMT on Saturday 27th February 2016 will be submitted automatically. Please note: there will be a transfer lockdown for 10 minutes when the teams are being auto-submitted. You will not be able to make any changes to your team during this time.
NOTE: You are not able to submit your team manually until the submission deadline has passed. If you have 6 riders selected by this time your team will get submitted automatically.
Any teams that are incomplete, or entered after the team submission deadline will need to be manually submitted to start scoring points. To do this, first press the 'SAVE' button and then the'SUBMIT' button which will appear on the team page once your team is FULLY built. If you do not save your changes, your player selections will not be recorded.