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Lookout For Each Other

Latest video from the BikeWise ‘team’ in conjunction with Road Safety GB

Riding the A689 Wolsingham to Killhope Cross

One of the north east’s most popular routes, used by thousands of bikers every year, the A689 is notorious for its tight bends and hidden junctions as well as the odd sheep and pheasant!

See why so many of us love the A689 but beware of the hazards along the way.

Top tips for a safe and enjoyable ride

  • Constantly scan the road ahead, looking out for hazards
  • Give yourself space and time to respond
  • Look out for other drivers and riders and give them time and space to respond to you
  • Ride and use lane positioning to increase your visibility to other road users
  • Look out for slow moving or turning vehicles and vehicles pulling out of hidden junctions
  • Signal and communicate your next move in advance
  • Avoid weaving between lanes
  • Ride defensively and look out for changes in road conditions
  • Look out for unexpected hazards like sheep and pheasants on the road
  • Don’t ride when you’re tired or under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Know and stick to the rules of the road
  • Look out for speed limit changes
  • Know your limits