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PD Kaizer is ready for BikeWise 2017


PD Kaizer is all ‘revved up’ and ready for BIkeWise 2017 which is being held at the Police HQ, Aykley Heads, Durham on SUNDAY 23rd July 2017.

Show get under way at 10am and there is tons of free parking, including a free park & ride.

Loads of thing to see & do for all the family.

This will probably be 'Kaizer's farewell tour' as he is likely to retire next year, so it would be nice to make a fuss of him .. he has performed at BikeWise every year of his service (he'll be 7 this November)

If you want to meet Kaizer then you’d better look out for Batman & Robin (Pc Ian Squire) as he’ll have ditched his ‘bike gear’ by then.

The Paws Up (retired Police Dogs) guys will be there and hosting a ''Where's Bob' competition that is similar to the old 'Spot the Ball' game. Prizes will include the knitted Police Interceptors dolls that were donated and have been a big social media hit

Full details of the show & what's happening can be found by visiting the BikeWise website :